The Advanced Studio is designed to host visually appealing presentations for live streaming and/or recording.
The camera feeds of presenters standing in the green key are integrated into the presentation slides with a transparency effect.
Remote callers can also be integrated with a Picture-in-Picture or in full screen.
Check out the video to find out how it works, and to discover the endless possibilities of the Advanced Studio.
greenkey studio
- Situated in Studio 2 on the 2nd floor
- Easily accessible with staircase or elevator
- Fully carpeted blackbox
- Green key backwall of 6m x 3m (W x H)
- Green key floor of 6m x 4m (W x H)​​​​​​​
- Designed to host 2 presenters simultaneously
- Technical control area is situated in the Studio
- 2 dedicated techs for light/audio/video
- HD multi-camera: 1 wide & 2 close
- Presentation slide-deck with clicker for presenter
- Comfort screens (2) for main slide, notes or live feed
- Wireless microphones (headset or lavalier)
- Dedicated high speed internet connection with 4G backup for streaming​​​​​​​
- WiFi for guests and production

technical control area in the studio
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