The Premium Studio Plus adds next-level production value to presentations and debates for live streaming and/or recording.
It brings live camera feeds of the speakers into a real-time 3D virtual stage through advanced green key technology.
Presentation content, and even remote callers can be inserted in the virtual screens.
It also offers the option to create a personalized virtual world, reflecting your brand or visual identity.
Check the pictures below on how our Premium Studio Plus results in a highly dynamic and visually attractive broadcast.
Greenkey studio
Virtual world
- Situated in Studio 1 on ground floor
- Blackbox
- Green key backwall of 12,5m x 3,5m (W x H)
- Green key floor of 12,5m x 4m (W x H)
- Stage left: debate table for 3 persons
- Stage right: 2 persons standing/sitting on bar stools

- Technical control area is situated in the Studio
- Crew of 8 techs
- HD multi-camera Stage right: 1 wide & 2 close
- HD multi-camera Stage Left: 1 wide & 3 close
- PowerPoint-presentation with clicker for presenter
- Comfort screens for presenter notes, slides, prompter...
- Wireless microphones (headset or lavalier)
- Dedicated high speed internet connection with 4G backup for streaming​​​​​​​
- WiFi for guests and production
virtual world
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