Branding & customization
•The website can be fully customized based on client’s branding and style guide.
•Client to provide logo, event title, subtitle, social media links, contact info, etc…
•Additional pages with welcome message, speaker’s bio’s, details on agenda / topics / etc.. can be added on request.
•Public link to login page
•Closed login procedure with pre-defined email addresses and/or passwords
•Optional security by single access restriction
Plenary sessions
•Page with live or pseudo-live streaming player
•Page with integrated video group call
•Allows for screensharing and file upload/download via text chat
•Participants can be linked to a specific breakout prior to the event, or have the possibility to select the breakout of their choice
•Pushed transitions from plenary sessions to breakout sessions and back
•Text chat for public comments
•After the event an export of the chat is available
•Separate text chats for the plenary sessions and breakout sessions
•Q&A function for private communication with moderator
•Polling features are available
Video On Demand
•Page with VoDstreaming player (after event)
•Only for the plenary sessions
Viewing analytics
•Number of logins
•List of participants that shows when they logged in/ out
•Average online duration online
•Live streaming analytics

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